On Writing Despair (Juicebox Mix)

Libba Bray

Hi, kids. Y’all gather ‘round. Mama wants to talk to you about writing despair today.

Everybody got a juice box, a snack, and a lovey to hold on to? Everybody found a comfy chair? Got your laminated list of “Inspirational quotes from writers!” which you culled from the Internet?

Well, Look. At. You.

Okay, let’s get started.


Sorry. Mama’s a little hair-trigger today, kids. Sip your juice box. Doom goes better with juice.

Oh, lambs. I try to laugh at life. I do. When the cat pooped all over the white bedspread, did I fall apart or make a cat-fur purse as a warning to the other one? No. I did not. I said, “Hahaha! How very Geoffrey Rush in ‘Quills’ of you, Little Squeak. Your protest is…

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A Random Thought


Today I was talking about J.K. Rowling with my mom. I was talking about how great of an author she is, but author is not the word that came out. I (accidentally, I might add) invented my own new word and called her an authress

It got me thinking, why isn’t it author and authress? There actor and actress, waiter and waitress, host and hostess. I ended up googling the word and I can see some people have used it in posts, but why isn’t it a real thing?

This is the kind of stuff that runs through my brain when I haven’t had enough sleep. 

And how most models are too skinny. 

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How to Break out of a Creative Rut [Infographic]

Word Hunter

It’s Monday here is Australia, and a public holiday – The Queen’s Birthday, for several states. To also celebrate the UK’s Father’s Day (which we totally forgot and must rush to make amends with dear father-in-law), and to allow me to spend a full afternoon being a sports mum, I’m cheating.

Here’s an infographic. I chose it purposefully – note the advice about working and playing together. I have more thoughts on that coming up later in the week.


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3 Tips For Promoting A New Author’s Book


Whether it be your own or a friend’s book, here’s a few ways you can help get the word out there.

1.) Share The Book

My favorite way to share books is to give the book as a gift. If the recipient likes it they’ll recommend it to others and the book’s popularity will spread by word of mouth. Another way is to talk about the book on social media. Write a facebook status about it, tweet aboutit, blog about it, anything. You can reach hundreds of ears without a lot of work. You can also go to the coffeeshop and just read it, or read it on the bus on your way to work. Other people will notice the cover and maybe go look up the book at home to see what it’s all about.

2.) Face The Book Out At Bookstores

Head to all the nearest bookstores and rearrange the shelves so that the book’s cover is facing out to the buyers. We’ve all seen an interesting book cover poking out like that, and our attention is more drawn to it then to the other books. It’s a fantastic way to get the book noticed and it will for-sure get at least a few extra buys that way.

3.) Hit It Right At The Source

Leave awesome comments about the book on the bookstore’s website, on amazon, or on a book reviewing website. Most buyers will check out the reviews on a book before ordering it, so having an extra positive remark won’t hurt. Another way is to ask about the book. Go in to bookstores and ever if you know exactly where the book is ask an employee to help you. If enough people do this the employees will start to remember the book and maybe add it to the “employee recommendation” table. It works the same way at libraries. You can even reserve a copy of the book just so that the employees see it and recognize it. If they’re interested enough they’ll read it themselves.

Possibly the most important thing is to tell your friends and have them tell their friends! Nothing works better than a recommendation from a trusted source.


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