To My Poet Friends…


I have so much respect for you.

Recently I’ve been having issues getting into my novel.  I just finished my first draft last week and now I have the usual slump of I-don’t-want-to-revise-all-of-this laziness.

So, following my “write every day” rule, I decided to try writing poetry.  I follow a lot of blogs that post only poems and I think every single piece I read is absolutely beautiful.

I sat down in my writing chair with a pen and paper and tried to start, but nothing happened.  Instead of doing my daily write I sat there for an hour staring at the blank page.  That page now has an impromptu sketch of my dog on it and I didn’t do any writing at all.


But now I truly realize just how amazing you all are.  Great work.

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8 thoughts on “To My Poet Friends…

  1. A.J. Burch says:

    Funny! I’m the haiku lady at work. Everyone gets a haiku!!

  2. Julie Israel says:

    Hey, you have to get SOME credit for a dog sketch. You still showed up to the desk!

  3. I am planning to experiment on different types of poems and I’ve been wondering where to start. It just may be a haiku since I’m so inspired by yours.

  4. Pure Fiction says:

    Congratulations on finishing a novel, that’s amazing. I am trying to finish one at the moment.

  5. Amanda…. if you can write a novel…you can write poetry. I am sure of it. Sometimes our brains dry up. It happens. Try something …. take a magazine article or a book and start circling words to make a different meaning from the mass of words on the page. Create a unique thought … then get a sharpie and black everything else out. It feels like a puzzle…gives your brain a rest…but then at the same time it also tricks your brain into creating images that are unique and not on the page. I had seen this type of “Visual Poetry” done on Tumblr. I decided to give it a try…. it is the best writer’s exercise I have done to date.

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