A Random Thought


Today I was talking about J.K. Rowling with my mom. I was talking about how great of an author she is, but author is not the word that came out. I (accidentally, I might add) invented my own new word and called her an authress

It got me thinking, why isn’t it author and authress? There actor and actress, waiter and waitress, host and hostess. I ended up googling the word and I can see some people have used it in posts, but why isn’t it a real thing?

This is the kind of stuff that runs through my brain when I haven’t had enough sleep. 

And how most models are too skinny. 

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6 thoughts on “A Random Thought

  1. ReadingMaria says:

    Hahaha I definitely agree!!!!

  2. fanficfan44 says:

    It is a real thing- authoress -but the trend is now to make everything general neutral.

  3. MCFrosch says:

    I would think it’s just author because for a long time women weren’t allowed to be educated and were not allowed to write books. I for one would be honored to be an authress some day 😉

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